How to read the books?

  • Smartphones and tablets - Desktop and laptop computers

    You can read the books and / or copies downloaded in eLibros PDF (PDF version), you can do it with your computer's web browser or your mobile device.

  • Read ACSM files

    If the file name of your book includes ".ACSM" in the title, you should use Adobe Digital Editions to read.
    Lto extension .ACSM uses digital rights management (DRM) to protect books against piracy and other inappropriate uses of copyright.

  • Differences between ePub and PDF files

    ePub files
    -They adjust the text to the size of the screen.
    -Sometimes, they are called files in "read sequence" mode.
    -They have a smaller file size (several MB).

    PDF files
    -They do not adjust the size of the text.
    -Sometimes, they are called "original pages."
    -They have a higher file size (sometimes more than 100 MB).